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What is
World Gem Traders?

We are a wholesale business firm who offer gemstones to our customers who are in dire need of quality stones.


We are an organization who deals in precious as well as semi-precious stones which are quite alluring to people around the world. We opened our business in Thailand because of the rich history of gems here.

If people looking to opt for bulk buy of gems, people know where to knock from now on! We are the best hope for getting any genuine gemstone people want.


Mrs. Minoy Giri


Mrs. Minoy Giri is the CEO of World Gem Traders. She started this organization after gathering remarkable experience in the gemstone industry. She completed her college and dived into the gem industry to make a name for herself. However, she wanted to have her own business someday and thus, opened this wholesale gem trading company.

Mrs. Minoy Giri is a remarkable woman and her understanding and powerful vision led to the setting up of this firm. She understands gemstones as she is a collector of rare gems herself.

To set up this company she worked hard and created contacts all over the world to receive any gemstones she wanted. Her strong network led to acquiring gems from different African nations and also set up the cutting and polishing factory in Bangkok.

Her vision is to rule the billion dollar gemstone industry. With her leading from front of the line along with remarkable staff, this company will soon rise to top spot in this industry.

World Gem Traders
is the game changer


We wanted to provide real stones which are precious and semi-precious gems to people. Offering impeccable gems to our customers in the world is our mission.

Most Traded Gemstones



We see Gem Traders becoming the foremost wholesale organization in the gemstone industry throughout the world. Due to our quality products and services, we are hoping to reach the top spots quickly.


The place for best gemstones

We opened our business in Thailand because of the rich history of gems here. For decades this country is known for providing the ultimate appealing stones in the gem industry. Moreover, this country is considered an expert when it comes to new treatments using colour gemstones.


Also, Bangkok is known as the world's coloured gems capital. Irrespective of colour, design or size, this country can source the most mesmerizing products. Hence, we decided to enter this business and make name for ourselves.

Features of the Stones World Gem Traders Sell

When it comes to gemstones, there are several features which anyone should be aware of. These features will help to get the best stones and understand the difference between genuine and semi-genuine products. Take a look at the features which of gems which are below!

Colour of Gemstones

This aspect is considered to be the most prominent characteristic of stones. Gems like sapphire, ruby, amethyst, emerald, etc. have mesmerizing colours which are their primary allure. Even jewellers around the world believe that colour is an essential criterion of each stone.


Carat doesn't always correspond to size. It corresponds to its density. Since different gems consist of different densities, two same size stones might weight differently.

Cut of Stones

No fixed geometrical level is present where a gem would have maximum brilliance. These are cut accordingly to improve its overall look. Moreover, due to its colour, each is polished in a different way after cutting it in a suitable shape.


Clarity is a crucial aspect when comparing coloured and high quality stones. Since these stones are formed under specific circumstances; there are traces of fissure, cracks or minerals. There are stones available with no or few inclusion; prices for these are high. So, clarity for the top-notch product is a critical feature.

Gemstones Hardness

Hardness here means the ability of a gem to withstand abrasion to resistance. The hardness scale has a measurement of 1 to 10. For example, diamond ranks at 10 being one of the hardest stones available in the market right now.


This refers to the unparalleled value and uniqueness along with your desire for possessing it. This feature determines how much value a gemstone is in a market.

Benefits Our Customers can Enjoy by purchasing Our Gemstones

Gemstones are not only bought for its alluring beauty. There are numerous benefits which make people opt for these stones and wear them. These are not just fashion statements but every stone is worn for different reasons. Without delay let's divulge into the perks which these gems offer.

Making Connections

If our customers opt for an appealing stone from us, then it is our customers having a connection to past times. Gems we used in the olden days for inducing hate and love as well as facilitate connection. It doesn't have any affiliation to a religion or culture. It aids every individual to benefit from using such items.


One of the primary benefits of wearing gemstones is that it helps in cleansing recklessness to self-doubt factors. For accumulating energies, purifying your stones daily is an essential process.

Apart from these, there are several other advantages for opting gemstones from us. We provide genuine stones which ensure the benefits which are aforementioned as well as others.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are gemstones? How many types of gemstones are there?

Gemstones refer to semi-precious or precious gems which are specially cut and polished and is set in a jewellery piece like a ring, necklace, etc. The number of gemstones available in the world is over 200. We have a wide variety, so if you are bulk gems buyer, just ask us about the one you require.

Is World Gem Traders a retail or wholesale company?

World Gem Traders is a wholesale organization. We sell finished and polished gems to the clients. Also, we do buy raw gems and supply them to our customers on a wholesale basis.

Are rare gemstones available here?

Well, we keep a variety of stock in vast amount. Moreover, we have strong ties when it comes to international mining as well as cutting operations. Hence, no matter how rare a stone is, we find it for our clients and offer it to them quickly. This source of ours is what makes us ideal if you are planning to order stones now.

What about the colour and quality; is there any guarantee?

We provide the most alluring pieces of gems to people. From colour to quality, clarity and more; we supply the best products which our clients have seen till now. We guarantee that our customers will be satisfied with our product and come back to us for more. Our services are what assisting us to reach the top of this industry.

Why select Thailand for operations?

We import the stones from various African nations. Now, these raw stones are cut and polished in Bangkok for making these a product. Also, Bangkok is the world capital for gemstones. So, we selected this place to carry out our operation without much hassle.

Is delivery available throughout the world?

Yes, we do deliver to clients all over the world. We have clients from Asia, Europe, America and more. So, we already do deliver stones to every corner of the world.

Is assistance available at any time?

Yes, our 24x7 assistance team is available to help our clients to get order right and get the products on time.